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YES – Your Event Solutions is the unique company and the team of professionals working for the event planning  producing. We provide the complex solutions and services in the field of event marketing and destination management for your business and private events in Russia and all around the world.



General event planning and producing of special corporate and private events for you.



Flower, interior and fabric design, event and exhibition space decoration.



Graphic design, web-design, web-programming, logo making and the corporate style guide production.



PR & advertising, web-commerce, media buying/ planning,  PR and marketing strategies, naming, branding, logo, style.



Corporate travel and team-building in Russia and all around the world, staff training, seminars, conferences and studies.

“We know how to put our thoughts out of standards – that’s why we know how to reach non-standard goals.”

“We provide the whole list and even more of event services to our clients – that’s why our quality is guaranteed”

“The individual and comprehensive way of work - that is the basics of our business”

Nikolay A. Perepelkin    

Chief partner     
YES - your event solutions    

After more than five years of experience we save individuality, creativity, flexibility and the quality as our priority.

We work together with the authorized and leading specialists on marketing, design, PR and advertising and also with directors, journalists, copywriters and other professionals.

Our total portfolio includes more than one hundred projects for corporate and private clients.

We provide services for your event considering to your goals, conditions and budget preferences.

Together with our clients we work on goals and mission of the event and create the individual realization program.

The secret of our success is the personal and individual work with every client, staff and CEO’s extremely high professional skills, the managing inventions and attention to each detail.



Разработка фирменного стиля выстаки Сбор Плодов Елены Фигуриной
Разработка фирменного стиля выстаки Сбор Плодов Елены Фигуриной
Разработка фирменного стиля и всей рекламной продукции сопровождавшей выставку - каталоги, буклеты, флаеры, интернет-сайт и пр.
Вечеринка Déjà vu
Вечеринка Déjà vu
Вечеринка проходила на 27 этаже «Башни 2000». Сквозь стены-окна, с высоты птичьего полета, гостям открывались незабываемые виды Москвы — героини нашего путешествия во времени.
В поисках приключений
В поисках приключений
Корпоративно-спортивно-развлекательные игры.
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